Types Of Currencies Used In CSR Racing 2 – Mobile Game

CSR Racing 2 game is perfect for racing lovers as it helps them to get aware of every kind of racing car. One can play the game on Android and iOS devices in order to enjoy the game and to develop real-life skills.

Due to its advanced features and HD graphics, one can better feel real-life racing modes. As everyone knows to play any game smoothly one needs to earn more game currency.

Same here a user needs to earn more currencies in order to upgrade the cars and to unlock next level racing cars. Various csr racing 2 hack and cheats are there to earn the game currency and to enjoy the game smoothly.

Here we discuss some currencies used in CSR Racing 2 game.

  • Silver keys
  • Gold keys
  • Cash
  • Bronze keys
  • Gold

Each currency has its role in the game to purchase various items and to unlock various cars. With the use of gold or cash, one can better upgrade their cars in order to win multiple race competition. It helps them to pass every level smoothly without facing any issue.

Whereas keys are used to refill the gas tanks and used to replay the level. Also, one can continue where he/she gets crashed during the race by using multiple keys.

Passing more tiers permits a user to earn each type of currency easily.

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Focus on race

Try to ignore the objects come in your ways to finish the tier.  It helps a user to pay attention to every tier for earning currency and for becoming a master player.

Buy combo packs

If one finds it difficult to earn each currency then he/she can also buy combo packs. Combo packs contain each currency in sufficient amount.

One can but the packs according to his/her budget in order to participate in multiple levels and to unlock racing cars.

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