The Role Of Currency While Playing Fishdom

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Fishdom is a famous mobile game, which is getting the huge popularity by each passing day. There are many important aspects, but if we talk about the most important factor, then it is currency. As we know that currency plays the crucial role in every game and it also happens in Fishdom. So, if you are playing such game, then it is advised to pay proper attention to the collection of currency.

Types of currency in fishdom game

There are two main currencies, which are diamonds and coins. Both currencies are important, and players should focus on the methods of grabbing both ones. If we have enough coins and diamonds, then it can help in playing better. Now I am going to describe some more factors related to the currency of Fishdom in the further article. Fishdom cheats can be used online to generate free gems and coins.

Methods of earning diamonds

With the help of diamonds, the players can perform several activities. By these, they can enhance the number of moves, which are required for getting levels as well as refill lives. In fact, the diamonds are also helpful in buying the in-game booster. Now if we talk about the methods of earning such currency, then there are many methods, which are –

  • The diamonds can be purchased by the store, where players have to use the real money. So, if you can utilize real money, then this is the best option because we can collect the desired amount of currency with ease.
  • There are many competitions and events, the players should take part in such events. They can collect many rewards by completing these challenges, and these rewards may contain a great number of diamonds.
  • Feed the fishes regularly and also clean the aquarium. In fact, you can also help the friend in taking care of their aquariums. By this, they can earn diamonds.
  • We can also connect the game with the Facebook account, and it can help in earning diamonds. In fact, subscribing to the game news also offers diamonds.
  • Players should also pay attention to earning stars because these stars get the players diamonds.

How to collect the coins?

The coins are used for buying the decorative item as well as fishes. We can collect such coins by some different methods. Here are some of them –

  • Try to clean the aquarium on a daily basis because this can help in getting coins as rewards.
  • Feed the fishes and get the happy fish reward, which comes with some coins.
  • Beat the maximum levels and earn the maximum coins.

Some people think that they are able to trade the coins for diamonds and vice versa; however, there is nothing like this because they can only earn these currencies. Apart from this, there are many different levels, and the players should try to beat the maximum levels. For this, they are required to follow some important tips. With the help of these tips, they will be able to play well.


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