How to Get Free V Bucks? In the Fortnite Battle Royale

free v bucks

Fortnite battle royale is massively popular game produced and initiate by the epic games. This is a first-person shooter and fully action packed game. The gameplay and the storyline of the game are very different from other multiplayer FPS games. Fortnite battle royale is made for all platforms apart from Android, but epic games have declared that they will launch its Android version in 2018.

Fortnite battle royale has it possesses currency name as v bucks, these v bucks are very important to keep on in the game. V bucks are used to buy the main battle passes of the game and these battle passes are essential to play the fortnite battle royale.

V bucks are also used to buy the cosmetics for your player we can call it flair items of your player, they are also used to buy the skins of the weapons, they are also used to buy customization good for your gliders and pickaxe, the pickaxe is your primary and default weapon.

The gameplay and the storyline of the game will also attract players in the direction of the fortnite battle royale. The storyline of the game is, the players in the battle dive from the flying bus in the sky and land with their gliders on the selected land mass, once they are on the ground, they have to find weapon for them to use in the battle, with taking the main aim mind that, they want to stay alive at the last part of the battle.

Fortnite Free V Bucks Complete Guide

Don’t believe on the free v bucks hack tool scams

There are many online scams are available that, tells us that they can give us free v bucks with the hack tool, but that’s all are just fraud things.

The game has a very powerful defense team that protects the game from that like of scams sites and apps. There is your own fortnite account in the game, where you can store your inventory and v bucks, and the fortnite maintenance team protects your account from outer invaders.

To play the game you need to login to your account, and all your activities are observed and control by fortnite’s team, they all know about that, how and from where the v bucks come to your account.

Those scams just steal your account details and haven’t given any type of the v bucks. But if you are really looking at the right place then you could find some of the working free v bucks generator, which can actually generate you unlimited free v bucks.

Open and check your fortnite account on a daily basis

Checking your fortnite battle royale account regularly is so good deal for you because fortnite battle royale will pay you for open the game every day. We recognize that before playing battle and start the game you need to log in with your fortnite account, but if you play the game daily and log in it daily you get paid by the v bucks from the game.

Fortnite’s team will give v bucks for the daily login, for the first 10 days you got no v bucks, but at the eleventh day, you got the first reward of the v bucks. There are several precise days that, on that day you got free v buck as a gift. You just need to open the game for each day.

You can get a range of the number of v bucks at that specific day; you got v bucks from 50 to 1000 v bucks from the daily logins.

Fortnite battle royale team offers not only the v bucks from the days they also give some other free rewards. They also give legendary items in the reward like, at the 21st day they offer legendary hero transform key, and at the 81st day they give legendary survivor transform key.

Note that each day gives something interesting like llamas, experience points, pure water drop and so on, and the v bucks and legendary item only got on some specific days.

Play daily quest challenges in the battle

Playing daily quest are also best and easy way to get free v bucks. Daily quests are some little missions that; you need to carry out in the battles. You can earn v bucks from the daily quest is in quite a small amount like 50 to 100. You can automatically attain those daily quests in the battle; there is only need to collect your reward after the battle.

Sometimes there are some other unique missions are also given by them in daily challenges, therefore, read out all daily mission once first when you open the game. They give very small and general challenges in the daily quest like discover these things, destroy 10 this item, and build something.

Play the timed-out mission

Timed-out mission is run daily by the team fortnite. The time limit of this missions is also interesting to play and you can check out your performance of the player in it. You can find the timed-out mission of the map with the sign of the clock. The timed-out mission gives a little number of v bucks like in between 20 to 50 v bucks for each mission. You can claim for them after completion.

Remember that there are many types of timed-out mission, but we advise you to play only the mini-boss mission because these missions’ gives v bucks only and other gives another flair item of the game. The timed-out mission changed after every six hours in the game.

Mini-boss timed-out mission also gives other flairs like experience points (XP), and other goods like pure raindrops.

Note that there is one cap or a lock on the mini-boss mission which only allows us to claim rewards for the only three mini-boss mission in a day, then close and off that option of the cap.

So, these are some legit methods for the free v bucks. Is this article is helpful for you? If yes! Then please share it with your friends and if there is any common topic to cover-up by us then comment in our comment section.

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