Covet Fashion Guide on Various Features

Covet Fashion Game Guide

Covet Fashion is an exciting styling game that has created a buzz in the market. In this article, we will provide some essential aspects of the game.


Connect to Facebook, add players from Covet, and join groups from Covet. When you’re connected to Facebook, you could even share and lend from other Covet players, and you can loan one for every competition once you have sufficient friends.

It is a great benefit at the start as they do not cost you anything. But the other friend has to possess these items you need. The best way to modify your design when you get a lent thing.


Through entering into competitions, you get Covet money. Depending on the type of game, you can either get $100, $200, or $500. You get $500 by completing the daily challenge.

At the start, this could be your only source of cash. I’d advise that you don’t spend much in this daily challenge but get the cash gift. The best thing in these challenges is they don’t have any criteria and yet bring you some cash.

Every day, you get 100 diamonds as a bonus. To access it, please remember to check your mailbox every day. For 4.5 stars, you also receive 25 diamonds.

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When they add up and create a net wealth of your diamond count, you can o all out purchasing. Tapjoy deals can also be fulfilled, clips viewed, and real money invested on diamonds.

I’d suggest that diamonds are the Covet currency’s most valued type, so try and have as much as diamonds at your disposal. You can also use this legal covet fashion hack to earn them for free. for more details visit :-

Through voting four designs, you can get three tickets. You could order them as well but never spend on tickets. It is a waste of gems and does not contribute to your wardrobe price. We would thoroughly consider the ticket upgrade if you’re prepared to spend some money.


You will get a top look when you get five stars, and unworn clothes are maximum. It is an excellent source of prizes, but in the beginning, if you try to go for it, you have to spend real money.

Even there is no surety that you will get a top look. The whooping reward of 5000 diamond is quite lucrative, but that is the toughest fallacy. Instead, go for four* and you can easily bag some decent awards.


Apart from Top look, there is a trending look. It gets trending on Facebook. You can see these trends and get an idea at the start. If you have a creative mind, you can be on the top list also.


Fashion houses are user-created groups that give multiple benefits in the game. You will get different competitions that require to be part of a Fashion House. The most significant benefit is to get scored before submitting your design from your fellow guild-mates.

When you are part of the Fashion House, you have the opportunity to share clothes in between So when you are part of an active guild you get all these things and that too for free.

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