Choices Stories You Play Hack Cheats

choices hack

Check out these Choices Cheats to play the Choices: stories you play professionally. Before starting for the tips and tricks for the game, let’s start from the Choices walkthrough. Choices: story you play is a new simulation game by the Pixelberry.

This is a teen-focused game with the text-based playing strategy. Choices stories you play review ratings are also very good on the google app store and Apple iTunes. This game features three different stories with various chapters.

You will play the role of diverse characters in each story. The 1st story takes you to Hartfield University, where you have to play the role of a college student. The 2nd story gives you a chance to be a detective to stop a crazy hitman. The 3rd story features thrilling gameplay where you got chance to solve mysteries.

There are too many things to do in the Choices. You need to take various decisions and play as a professional decision maker. You can customize your character using different readymade customization options. You can also do the romance with college dates, Investigate mysteries, beat enemies, and even build your army. The graphics, storyline and the gameplay strategy is very impressive and interesting to play.

You can play this game anywhere with a suitable internet connection. There are many things that you need to learn before playing the game. Therefore, we have come up with the tips and tricks of the game which is helpful for you to get started successfully in the game. So let’s start for the essential choices stories your play hack.

Essential Choices Stories You Play Hack And Cheats

Using currencies of the game cleverly are very important:-

There are two types of currencies in the Choices, the first is diamond which is premium currency and the second one is a key which is the primary currency of the game. Both currencies are very important and you must have to use them cleverly as well as carefully.

You have no chances to get those currencies easily, you need to earn them using simple choices: stories you play cheats like waiting for the keys and playing chapters for the diamonds.

Save the keys:-

This one is the 2nd important cheat in the list of choices stories you play tips and tricks. If you want to read any chapter from the stories then you need to spend one key for each chapter. Keys are easy to earn as compare to the diamonds.

free choices keys

You can store a maximum of 3 keys at a time. If you use one of them, then the next key will automatically appear in the keys slot after a time of three hours. You can see that how much time is remaining for the arrival for the next key.

Don’t waste diamonds:-

Diamonds are difficult to earn, they will also regenerate as the keys after some time. But, you can earn them by playing the chapter of the stories cleverly, you can hunt diamonds by playing chapters intelligently.

choices diamonds

The diamonds are used to open the new chapters as well as other premium things. You can also earn diamonds by reading a chapter of the stories. As a key, saving diamonds is a most important point in this index of Choices stories you play hacks.

Play stories with full of interest:-

This is a last trick in the Choices hacks. Once you complete any story, there is no chance to replay it. Therefore, play every story carefully and with the full of focused mind. Try to earn each and every diamond from the chapters of the story. If you get bored to solve the story then leave it before completing and start another story, or you can restart story before its completion.

So, this is all about the choices cheats and tricks that you can use in your game. We hope that this guide will be helpful for you. Stay tuned with us for more updates about the Choices cheats as well as the latest news, tricks, and walkthrough about the games and apps.

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